Saturday, February 16, 2008

Layout of Posts

I've been pondering whether each post on this blog should have the same type of look and feel. After thinking about it & playing around with a variety of posting arrangements, I think I'm going to try -- whenever possible -- to have a cover picture for each title discussed and post the first line of the book as the introduction to the discussion. For me, the first line is often enough to recall the tone and plot of the book. Obviously, seeing the cover also helps me remember each title. In this way, we could post titles for comments that have received starred reviews or are recommended by blog participants.

I hope this helps all of us contribute more to the discussions as we try to work together to build a Mock Newbery reading list for the current year.


Anonymous said...

People asked for summaries, so I am also adding LC's CIP Summary to each post.

Teresa said...

The lay-out works well and I like that you have put the covers and first lines on the post. I especially like how the photo links to the ACPL catalog record so that I can easily place a hold.

Dianna Burt said...

I'm so excited about this blog, I like the layout, picture, and links to the catalog. I'm sure the first line will be helpful later for recall, but I haven't seen any of the titles yet. Glad to get going!

Nan Hoekstra said...

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