Friday, November 11, 2011

Bluefish by Pat Schmatz

"Travis stood in front of locker number 78."

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Everything changes for thirteen-year-old Travis, a new student who is trying to hide his illiteracy, when he meets a sassy classmate with her own secrets and a remarkable teacher.

Candlewick Press; 226 pages


Angela said...

I found it frustrating that in a book filled with three-dimensional, fully developed characters, one didn't ring true - and she was one of the two main players in the story. I understand what Schmatz was trying to do with Velveeta, but her voice was never truly believable to me. As such, I wasn't to enjoy this otherwise well-written book nearly as much as I otherwise would have.

Mary W said...

I didn't feel the same about Velveeta. I felt like she was believable. I felt the book was good, and had well developed characters. The setting is developed as we travel between school, the library, their homes, and the swamp. Overall a good book, but it did not scream "Newbery" to me.

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I will be reading this book with my class as a starting place for talking about tolerance. Students come to class with all levels of abilities and as long as they keep working they can learn!