Thursday, February 14, 2008

ACPL Mock Newbery -- 2008 and Beyond

The Allen County Public Library has offered a Mock Newbery discussion and election since (at least) 1996. There have been years when our mock winners seemed to be in line with the official Newbery committee, and other years when... well, we didn't match quite so well.

Over the years, we've tried to open up the discussion to more people by utilizing an online discussion board which allowed readers to post comments and share their opinions of different titles. This has been very successful, but we decided it's time to begin a blog discussion which we hope will elicit even more comments about new, good children's books. If you're reading this, we hope you're ready to join the discussion!

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Nan Hoekstra said...

Hello. Yes, I would love to join the discussion. We are beginning a mock newbery program here in the Anoka County Library, Minnesota. I have been following several programs, like yours, for years and we are finally ready. I do have some questions and would love to have you contact me so I can email you directly. Would that be possible? I have set up the blog -- Anokaberry - on blogger so you are welcome to check it out and contact me there or