Monday, April 21, 2008

Smiles to Go by Jerry Spinelli

"When I was five or six a high-school kid lived next door."

The abstract is hidden to prevent possible spoilers. If you'd like to read this brief summary, just highlight it using your cursor and it will magically appear in the following lines.

Abstract: Will Tuppence's life has always been ruled by science and common sense but in ninth grade, shaken up by the discovery that protons decay, he begins to see the entire world differently and gains new perspective on his relationships with his little sister and two closest friends.

Publisher: Joanna Cotler Books; 250 pages


Anonymous said...

I love having "AH-HA!!" moments as I'm reading and discovering a meaning of the title. This title is perfect for this book.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of Jerry Spinelli although it did take me a while to really get the way the book was organized with the "PD" headings, but that's probably just me reading too fast. I enjoyed the story though and want to reread it to catch all the details I missed.

Jen said...

I love Spinelli and am thrilled to have yet another fun book for the Guys Read booklist in my head. I think my favorite aspect was his relationship with little next-door neighbor Korbett Finn.

It's also worth mentioning that while the book was all about Will and his journey, the totally fresh and original characterization of Mi-Su really shined through in this book as well. An enjoyable read.

Unknown said...

Another Spinelli special... always takes me a few chapters to settle into Spinelli's style but eventually he sweeps me away. Highly recommended.