Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Cybils 2008

I'm so excited that I need to digress from the strict mission of this Mock Newbery blog to share some great news. The Cybils -- the Children's and Young Adult bloggers' literary awards -- are just about to start, and I get to be on the judging panel for Middle Grade fiction. I can't wait! (And it will dovetail ever so nicely with our Mock Newbery discussions!)

Here's the official information from the Cybils blog:

Middle Grade Fiction panel

We've got your writers, your teachers, your name it, they're here on the Middle Grade Fiction panel. Which are your favorite novels for children ages eight to twelve? Let us know on October 1!

Panelists (Round I judges)

Sarah Mulhern The Reading Zone
Alysa Stewart Everead
Mary R. Voors ACPL Mock Newbery
Sherry Early Semicolon
Kim Baccellia
Melissa Fox Book Nut
Matthew Wigdahl The Book Club Shelf

Judges (Round II)

Kelly Herold Big A little a
Eric Berlin
J.L. Bell Oz and Ends
Kerry Millar Shelf Elf
Julie M. Prince Off to Turn Another Page


Teresa said...

That's great, Mary! I look forward to seeing what the Cybils select.

Unknown said...

I'm excited about being on the panel too -- I can't wait to see what's nominated and what we get to read. Looking forward to working with you on the panel!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to be on this panel! I can't wait to see what's going to be nominated. I love your ACPL Mock Newberry. Looking forward to working with you on the panel!

Alysa Stewart said...

Let me join the chorus over here -- this is gonna be great!

Matt W. said...

I have been reading your weblog for a long time - I'm not sure I ever commented on it however. I've used it as a resource for finding great books and keeping up on Newbery buzz...
I am SO excited to be working with you on the MGF panel!