Monday, September 15, 2008

The Porcupine Year by Louise Erdrich

"Here follows the story of a most extraordinary year in the life of an Ojibwe family and of a girl named Omakakiins, or "Omakayas, "Little Frog, who lived a year of flight and adventure, pain and joy, in 1852, when the uncut forests of Minnesota still stretched, full and deep, west from the shores of Lake Superior."

The abstract is hidden because it may contain spoilers. If you would like to read the full summary, simply use your cursor to highlight the next few lines and it will magically appear.

Abstract: In 1852, forced by the United States government to leave their beloved Island of the Golden Breasted Woodpecker, fourteen-year-old Omokayas and her Ojibwe family travel in search of a new home.

Publisher: Harper Collins; 193 pages

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