Sunday, December 28, 2008

Narrowing your Mock Newbery Reading...

With less than 3 weeks until our Mock Newbery discussion, and 40 titles on our final reading list, some participants want to be able to focus their reading a little bit more and make sure they have read the titles that people most want to discuss. To help with this effort, I've posted a survey over on the right hand side of this blog. We want your input! Which titles do you think will generate the most discussion at our Mock Newbery Election in January? You can vote for as many titles as you like. We'll close this poll one week before our discussion.


Mary said...

This is a "just for fun" survey. You do not have to be registered as a participant in the ACPL Mock Newbery program to participate. We are really curious which books readers think will generate the most discussion.

But... if you do want to join our in-person discussion, click here to register!

Teresa said...

O.K., here are the book that I have yet to read:

The Postcard
Magic Half
Thousand Never Evers
Jeremy Cabbage
Graveyard Book
Adventurous Deeds...
Brooklyn Bridge
Jessie's Mountain
Every Soul a Star

Any suggestions as to the ones that I simply MUST NOT miss for our discussion in a few weeks? Egads! I had hoped to be further along than this by now.


Heather said...

Graveyard Book
Every Soul a Star (I am not a fan, but I know others who are - don't read the comments on this one it is FULL of spoilers)

Mary said...

Teresa, I think you're doing a GREAT job of reading! I think The Graveyard Book is the book I'd put at the top of your list. I'd also take a look at the survey that's been posted on the blog. Looking at the current results of this completely unscientific survey,
here's the order in which you should read your remaining titles:

26 % (19 votes) Graveyard Book
14 % (10 votes) Thousand Never Evers
8 % (6 votes) Jessie’s Mountain
8 % (6 votes) Every Soul
7 % (5 votes) Jeremy Cabbage
4 % (3 votes) Adventurous Deeds
4 % (3 votes) Tennyson
2 % (2 votes) Brooklyn Bridge
1 % (1 vote) The Postcard
1 % (1 vote) Magic Half

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

Received via email from Martha S.:

I enjoyed Seer of Shadows and Hate that Cat, although I don't think they are Newbery-worthy. I thought Bird Lake Moon was kind of bland. I liked Brooklyn Bridge but it didn't grab me. I read Eleven a while ago but I don't remember much so I guess it wasn't one of my favorites.