Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mock Geisel and Mock Caldecott Programs

Today -- in spite of icky winter weather, winter storm warnings, and freezing rain -- two groups of dedicated lovers of children's books gathered for mock election programs. In the morning, after a wonderful presentation about the Caldecott Award by Kris Lill, the group of 14 discussed a large selection of books and selected Wabi Sabi, illustrated by Ed Young and written by Mark Reibstein, as the ACPL Mock Caldecott winner for 2009. Go the the ACPL Mock Caldecott blog to read more about the Mock Caldecott program and to learn which books were selected as Honor titles.

In the afternoon, after an illuminating presentation about beginning readers offered by Heather Acerro, interested readers discussed a selected list of books and chose I Love My New Toy! written and illustrated by Mo Willems, as the 2009 ACPL Mock Geisel winner. Go to the ACPL Mock Geisel blog to read more about this Mock Geisel program and to learn which book was selected as an Honor Book.

Thanks, Heather & Kris! Great programs!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! The culmination of months of ecstatic reading and looking and exclaiming! Congratulations all readers and honorees! And you all at ACPL Mock Awards - Thank you for enriching web content with your informational and insightful blogs.