Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gosh, Do We Get Visitors!

Today I was speaking with a colleague about the Mock Award blogs offered by Children's Services' librarians. I mentioned that thousands of people visited the blogs from all over the world over the course of the year. I felt confident in this statement, but I wanted hard data, so I went to the trusty analytics.

Here are some statistics for the last year for just this Mock Newbery blog:
  • Number of Visits: 17,378
  • Number of Pageviews: 38,132
  • Visits came from 48 countries/territories (Most visitors came from the United States, but there were also visitors from the United Arab Emirate, France, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, Spain, Greece, Finland, Germany, Japan, Australia, and 35 other countries.)
  • 26.2 % of our visitors came from here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but we also had visitors from 2563 other cities around the globe
  • Google was the top traffic source with 24.98 % of the visits; all traffic sources together sent 17,378 visits via 467 sources and mediums
There's a lot more detail that I could bore you with, but I think this expresses how many of you visitors there are. Thank YOU!

We'll be starting to post possible titles for the 2010 Mock Election within the next week. We hope you will continue to visit -- and comment -- often.

And we really value your suggestions of titles! Just email your suggestions to mvoors@acpl.info or post your suggested titles here in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you..


Anonymous said...

Very impressive numbers, Mary!!


Teresa said...

Would you please share what tool you are using to obtain your stats?


Mary said...

We use Google Analytics which is available at google.com/analytics. It's incredibly easy to set up and offers a wide range of information about how many visitors hit the blog and where the visitors are from.