Monday, April 13, 2009

The Kids Are Starting to Read! (Are YOU?)

The 1st Mock Newbery for Kids program we held earlier this year was wildly successful. The kids liked reading the new books throughout the year. They loved getting access to ARCs before the books were published. They enjoyed commenting on the blog. And they were enthusiastic about discussing the books in person and deciding on their Mock Newbery winner.

Many of these kids have already started to read books for THIS YEAR'S Mock Newbery. In the coming weeks and months, you'll find their comments posted on this blog.

If they (or you!) want to comment on a title which is not yet posted on the blog, just drop me a note via email with the title and author, as well as any comments you'd like to make about it. I will try to verify that it is eligible for Newbery consideration, and -- if it is -- I will get it posted asap for our Mock Newbery program.

We love everyone's participation! And remember, once you've registered for the Mock Newbery program, you are welcome to borrow Advance Reader's Copies (ARCs) which some publishers (Thank YOU!) have so graciously given us. Just register for the program (grownups can register here and kids can register here) and then stop in to Children's Services to borrow the ARCs. We look forward to your participation and your comments.

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