Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost by Jacqueline Davies

"Mama is on the bed grunting like a pig, and Ida Pelz from next door is telling her to push."

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Summary: In 1911 New York, sixteen-year-old Essie Rosenfeld must stop taking care of her irrepressible six-year-old sister when she goes to work at the Triangle Waist Company, where she befriends a missing heiress who is in hiding from her family and who seems to understand the feelings of heartache and grief that Essie is trying desperately to escape.

Marshall Cavendish; 242 pages

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Stephanie said...

Beautifully written, though a very sad story. This was a beautiful story of a girl who worked at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory right before the fire in 1911. It was compelling and hard to put down, though I did not like it as much as "Uprising" by Margaret Peterson Haddix. However, it was well worth reading.