Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff

"Sudden light burst against the foal's closed eyes."

The abstract is hidden because it may contain spoilers. If you would like to read the full summary, simply use your cursor to highlight the next few lines and it will magically appear.

Abstract: When twelve-year-old Lidie leaves Brazil to join her father and brother on a horse ranch in New York, she has a hard time adjusting to her changed circumstances, as does a new horse that has come to the ranch.

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books; 147 pages


Anonymous said...

I thought this book was wonderful, and so much more than a "horse story." The stories of the wild filly and the wild girl are woven together seamlessly. It's on my Newbery list for sure.

Anonymous said...

I thought Giff did a very good job of creating her main character Lidie. From confident, to unsure of herself, then back to confident again, I enjoyed going on Lidie's journey with her. With great supporting characters, including the horses, it was a well rounded story. A contender in my opinion.

Jen said...

This book isn't on my Newbery list, but it was a nice story. Lidie was well-drawn, and her journey is an important one to share. Not your typical horse book-- whew!