Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin

"My tale begins with a tail."

The abstract is hidden because it may contain spoilers. If you would like to read the full summary, simply use your cursor to highlight the next few lines and it will magically appear.

Abstract: In parallel stories, Bone, an orphaned dog, finds and loses a series of homes, Molly, a family pet, helps Charlie through the grief and other after-effects of his brother's death, and lonely Henry pleads for a dog of his own.

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends; 211 pages

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Genie Bishop said...

I love dog books but I just couldn't get into this one. With in the first few chapters these poor little puppies had experienced so much cruelty I had to give up on the book. Of course I can't stand it if one of dog's is sick for more than a day either.