Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner

"The king of Attolia was passing through his city, on his way to the port to greet ambassadors newly arrived from distant parts of the world."

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Summary: Kidnapped and sold into slavery, Sophos, an unwilling prince, tries to save his country from being destroyed by rebellion and exploited by the conniving Mede empire.

Greenwillow Books; 316 pages

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Unknown said...

I loved the other books in this series and couldn't wait to read this new installment. Sophos is the main character this time, and he's not as exciting as Eugenides. But the story is captivating and Gen does appear and manage to twist events around in unexpected ways. This books moves the plot of the series forward and there definitely must be another sequel in the works. The book doesn't really stand alone - you need to have read the earlier books - so it's probably not a Newbery consideration. But it's a must-read for followers of the series.