Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick

"I'm in fourth grade."

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Summary: Although Jeff and Tad, encouraged by a new friend, Lindsey, make a deal to help one another overcome aftereffects of their cancer treatments in preparation for eighth-grade graduation, Jeff still craves advice from his older brother Stephen, who is studying drums in Africa.

Scholastic Press; 260 pages


Anonymous said...

This story was just okay for me; I like the characters, but the ending fell flat, and kind of weird. "It has a beat, but you can't dance to it; I give it a 35."

Anonymous said...

I felt this was a really good book until the very end. I agree that the end was off for me: it felt as though they ran out of pages and just ended it because they had too. It was slightly predictable in that Tad wasn't going to make it, but I did love his character! I thought Sonnenblick did a good job with Stephen and Jeff's relationship, showing us the strains that cancer can have on every member of the family. Overall, just OK.

cary's girl said...

I really liked this book, but mostly because my name is Annette and I hardly ever see my name in books! In all seriousness, I actually enjoyed this book alot, but I agree with the others that the ending felt very forced. And there was nothing very original. The story ended quite predictably.