Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finding Family by Tonya Bolden

"I was five, maybe six, the very first time I laid eyes on a dragonfly -- spellbound by its magical dazzle."

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Summary: Raised in Charleston, West Virginia, at the turn of the twentieth century by her grandfather and aunt on off-putting tales of family members she has never met, twelve-year-old Delana is shocked when, after Aunt Tilley dies, she learns the truth about her parents and some of her other relatives.

Bloomsbury Books; 181 pages

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tessyohnka said...

First of all, I really enjoyed the idea that a collection of old photographs prompted the writing of this book. I know teachers use interesting pictures as writing prompts all the time, but the extension that these long ago poses, smiles and stern looks were collected into a family is very well done. It is a wonderful coming of age story, includes interesting historical info about the scattering of black families, the classified ads they used to reunite and an annual Emancipation Celebration that I never knew occurred.
It's in my top five.