Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Time!!

It's time to start reading 2011 titles, thinking & talking about them, and posting possibilities for the 2012 Newbery! As always, you are absolutely encouraged to post suggestions of titles you think should be included; just add them in the comments section. If you prefer, you can email your suggestions to

Throughout the year, we will be posting a variety of 2011 titles on this blog with an eye towards finding this year's "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." It promises -- as always -- to be a fun task. Thanks for joining us!


Ms. Martha said...

I have given myself til March 1 before unpacking 2011 books. The kids in the Eva Perry Mock Newbery book club will start meeting (and reading) in April. Thanks for keeping up with all the new stuff. It's a great help to us.

Ms Martha

Mary said...

Thanks for including your url, Ms. Martha! We always enjoy reading the posts from the Eva Perry Mock Newbery book club. Be sure to let us know of titles we should include!

Unknown said...

We are pulling our titles together over at
SJCPL Mock Newbery

I enjoyed Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now and Kekla Magoon's Camo Girl.

Mary said...

Good suggestions! Look for them soon on this blog.