Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time Flies!

About one month ago, we posted our first reading list for the 2012 ACPL Mock Newbery program with a promise that the second list would be posted by the end of September. Looking at the calendar, it appears we've missed our self-imposed deadline.


We will get the second reading list posted within the week -- REALLY! -- but we'd love your help. There has been a great variety of excellent material for children published this year. Which titles do you think should be on this second list? Keep in mind that we will have a total of three booklists this year;  the third & final list will be posted in mid-November.


Sam B. said...

Junonia - Henkes
Small as an elephant - Jacobson
Wonderstruck - Selznick
Bluefish - Schmatz

Great blog - keep up the good work!
-Sam B. from Cincinnati

Mary said...

Thanks for your suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Between Shades of Gray
Words in the Dust
Small Acts of Amazing Courage

Thanks for all you do.
Ms. Martha at Eva Perry Mock Newbery

Mary said...

Thanks, Ms. Martha!

Teresa said...

I would like to include Young Fredle on one of the lists.