Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crunch by Leslie Connor

"I saw it like this: A single worker at some faraway oil refinery with his head tilted down, peering into a pipe, waiting for one more drop that never came."

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Summary: The oldest Mariss brother, fourteen-year-old Dewey, attempts to be the "embodiment of responsibility" as he juggles the management of the family's bicycle repair business while sharing the household and farm duties with his siblings after a sudden energy crisis strands their parents far from home.

Publisher: Harper Collins; 328 pages


Unknown said...

I loved this book. The characters are well-defined and it was interesting to see how they all dealt with the gasoline crisis and its unexpected effect on the family's bike repair business, although I did guess who the bad guy was about half way through the book. It was fun to read, and a light-hearted look at what could possibly be a real dilemma in the not-so-distant future.

Anonymous said...

I also really liked this book. I did guess who the bad guy was as soon as he appeared in the book though. The characters were developed well.

tessyohnka said...

I thought this was a fun read but, as others have noted, somewhat predictable. I think kids will enjoy it but I don't think it's a contender.