Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The War to End All Wars - World War I by Russell Freedman

"Those who lived through World War I called it the Great War because of its massive scale: some two dozen countries joined the conflict, which swept across continents and killed perhaps 20 million people."

Contents: Murder in Sarajevo -- Armed to the teeth -- To Berlin! To Paris! -- "The most terrible August in the history of the world" -- Stalemate -- The technology of death and destruction -- Life and death in the trenches -- Over the top -- The Battle of Verdun -- The Battle of the Somme -- The war at sea -- Mutiny, revolution, and the collapse of armies -- "Lafayette, we are here!" : America joins the fight -- The last offensive and the collapse of empires -- Losing the peace.=

Publisher: Clarion Books; 176 pages


Desetti said...

I love getting these titles to look up and read. Thanks.

I got this on order.

Anonymous said...

I did like this book, but it was a struggle to finish it. It just barely kept my interest. This would be a good read for students studying this time in history though. Maybe it was just my mood of the day... :)

Deb said...

Freedman does another impressive job, bringing WWI to young people in a highly accessible way - from the excellent design to an engaging, understandable and well-organized narrative. Freedman provides an insightful look at how WWI connected with other world conflicts historically speaking, both before and after, but it is the personal details and glimpses into individual lives here that make this particularly powerful, and will probably especially speak to young readers. As always with Freedman, well documented.